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Cooking class


Want to see the true Cambodian lifestyle? Then this is the tour for you!

After picking you up from your hotel, you will be driven to the home of a lovely Khmer family who lives in a traditional village just outside of Siem Reap. Here you will watch them prepare and cook a true Khmer dish whilst learning which spices and herbs to use so you can replicate that same dish back at home.

Relax in a hammock whislt waiting for the dish to cook. When all done you will then lunch and take refreshments with the family.

After your meal you will be invited to stroll around the village with your friendly and informative host to see a true crocodile farm run by one of the families from the village. You will be welcome to take a few snaps of the crocodiles happily lazing away in the pit below.

On our way back we will stop to see the fishermen using their centuries old methods of catching fish. If in season we will watch the villagers harvesting the rice in the paddy fields.

An unforgettable and authentic day in a Khmer country life that you will not regret.

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